Day 185 – My Go To

Since I had vowed to not chicken out the rest of the time I was in California , I tried to make it easy on myself. I knew I would be at Starbucks often so I decided to treat a stranger to coffee. Easy enough. Maybe not the tug at my heart, meaningful moment I had been going for but it was still taking me out of my comfort zone in Cali. 

We probably stopped in Target twice a day to get stuff. Sunblock, snacks, baby items, toothbrush (because no matter how many times I reminded him, Kendal forgot to pack his again!) and since there was a Starbucks in Target I could kill two birds with one stone. 

It was early in the morning and we were heading to Knotts Berry Farm. Traffic was bad and we were half way done with our trip. I ran in Target for a few baby items and to grab our coffee for the morning commute. When I was in line of course there was nobody else around. The store had just opened. My easy plan was foiled. I would have to find another act of kindness. As I was waiting on my coffee, I noticed a young mother and her child sitting in the cafe part of Target. The daughter was eating a hot dog (I didnt judge, my kids have eaten worse at 8am) and they looked like they were getting ready to do some shopping. I felt that tug at my heart ❤️. They weren’t in line for Starbucks but I decided I would buy her a gift card and she could get a drink when ever . I went up to the barista and purchased a gift card. She handed me my drinks and I walked to the young mother. 

I saw you sitting with your daughter. It looks like you two are getting ready for a great day. Here is a small gift card from me. Next coffee is my treat. Have a great day. 

I smiled and walked away. The young mother don’t say a word. She smiled and waved. When I got to the door I looked back and saw her heading towards the counter to order her coffee. Now that wasn’t too bad. Nothing different from my acts of kindness at Starbucks back home. I had been so irrational , like the people in California were not going to accept my random acts of kindness. I felt silly for even being afraid. 

What this whole thing reminded  me was that I need to be careful that I don’t let things stifle that tug at my heart. I let fear do the stifling in California but it can be a number of things. The devil wants to do nothing more tha stop us from doing random acts of kindness. My problem is I let it in to my head and I don’t do an act of kindness. I do know that even though I may have the best intentions , with out the act itself my intentions mean nothing. I need to continue to catch up on the blog and also be intentional in my serving and giving. Intentions are useless without action. 


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