Day 181 – A Lesson in Grace

On July 1st we took Luna on her first flight across the U.S. to California to meet family. Kendal and Mia have flown a number of times and are pros. I was so nervous to fly with Luna because she never stops moving. If she isn’t sleeping she is moving. I dreaded trying to contain her in those little airplane seats.

The first flight to Atlanta was short and great. Luna enjoyed flying and looking out the window. She smiled and waved at everyone around us and didn’t cry once. When we got to Atlanta we had a three hour layover and we planned on eating dinner and then getting settled for the next flight at bedtime. The flight was four hours long and at night, so my prayer was that Luna would sleep. 

The Atlanta airport is huge, so we took the tram to our next terminal and found a place to eat. Since we had time we found a place to sit down for awhile and went to TGIF. The place was crowded and we had a small wait. Everyone was excited and anxious to get to Cali. Luna does not like to sit in high chairs. The kid litteraly never stops moving, so while we waited for our dinner I walked Luna around the terminal in hopes she would get really tired for our next flight. 

After a short walk I went to check if our food was ready. It was taking a very long time and we took Luna on several different walks. Our food still wasn’t ready. Tables that sat after us got their food and left but we still didn’t have food. We finally flagged down our waitress and she went and checked. She said the cook lost our order and she would have to put it back in. She promised to rush it. I was about to cry. Luna was done. Everyone was hungry and the wait was long. The waitress can back again and said our order was there it just got pushed back. I knew something was up when she changed her story. Plus I was pretty sure I watched her re-enter our whole order. 

Just then the manager walked by and I flagged her down. I asked her if she could please check on our food because our order had gotten lost. The waitress came back and offered us chips and salsa while we waited but then never brought it. Finally our food came and by that time my family was frazzled. We ate in a hurry and the waitress brought us our bill. A couple minutes later the manager comes over and apologizes for the mix up. The waitress had forgot to put our order in and the bill was taken care of. I told her the waitress had given us a bill. The manager took the bill and told us we shouldn’t have been given it. I was so mad the waitress had lied. I wished she would have been honest about loosing our order and been honest and not given us a bill. 

By this time everyone was irritable and ready to go catch our flight. But I could not let the situation go. I felt that tug. I knew I had to do something. So I wrote the waitress a note and left her a tip.

Even though I was mad she lied and irritated by the service I chose to take the situation and turn it into and act of kindness. I felt that tug at my heart. I didn’t know anything about our waitress the situation or a reason behind her lies. What I did know was she made a mistake, we had free dinner and I forgave her. In that moment I chose Grace. My kids watched as I wrote the note and left a nice tip for the waitress who had lied to us and put us in a very uncomfortable situation. We talked about how every day God presents us with opportunities to show grace if we so choose. That day I chose Grace as God blessed me with an awesome second flight and the peace of mind knowing that I was kind to someone who in that situation most would have chose to be unkind. I choose Grace. Grace is Greater always! 


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