Day 180-Friday Night Lights 

I don’t know anything about football. Don’t watch it, don’t know the rules and I am pretty sure Kendal will never play the sport. I have a lot of respect for the sport though. I love how those Friday night lights bring students, parents and communities together. So for our act of giving the other day we made a donation to our nephews football team in California.We love youth sports and supporting them. It is awesome that Jacob has found a sport he loves! I have so many great memories of going to Friday night football games with friends in high school. 

There is something special about Friday night lights in a small town. The excitement about games, the cross town rivalries, listening to stories from players in the past, watching generations cheer on eachother, watching the young boys play the game while the whole town cheers them on! I encourage you to support your local high school football team. You just never know what that sport means to those boys or who might make it to the next level!! Everyone loves a small town hero, especially a football star! 


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