Day 179 – I Never Thought Baseball could be Fun

Kendal doesn’t really like baseball, he only plays to be with the Goad boys. I practically made him play this season and I am so glad I did. The season ended up being so much fun. It was the perfect mix of parents, kids and coaches. I watched our kids improve so much as the season went on. I watched the coaches encourage them and the parents support them. It was a storybook season with a storybook ending earning our team the nickname #thecomebackkids and a championship! But that last game was about more than the win. The life lessons that Kendal learned that evening will go much farther than this season. 

Kendal had to face one of his biggest giants, anxiety. It was the championship game and tournament rules combined with extra games put our team in the position in which we were almost out of pitches. Because of this Kendal had to pitch the first inning of the championship game and he had never pitched in a game before. Never pitched and had to pitch in the first inning of the championship game!!! For a boy with anxiety this was a test. The coaches, players and parents were so supportive and encouraging. He stood on that mound and faced that giant. He may have went down 1-6 but his team never stopped encouraging him. 

The come back kids did it again and came back in the last innings and won 12-6. The team who never gives up, who encourages each other, supports each other and believes in each other. Watching them celebrate, tears in the eyes of parents, players and coaches, I was so thankful for the season and the positive impact it had on Kendal.

At the end of the celebrating I saw Kendal talking work Rick Whisenhunt. Rick was at the game watching his nephew Sean. I listened in as Rick gave Kendal some of the nicest words of encouragement and support about his performance on the pitching mound. Even though they went down 1-6 in that inning , Kendal never felt bad. In fact facing that giant, going way out of his comfort zone, having kids, parents and coaches support him was worth more than every moment in the entire season. 

Those words Rick said to him will have more of an impact on Kendal than any win could of ever had. Rick didn’t have to say those things to Kendal. But that is just how Rick is. Always encouraging others, always lifting others up. An act of kindness I will never forget. So for my act of kindness that day I made a donation to the gofundme set up to help get a bigger building for Galax Extreme Fitness. A donation to Thank Rick for taking the time to lift Kendal up. To thank Rick for taking the time to be kind and encouraging. You will never know how much those kind words meant to me and Kendal. 

I encourage you to take time to lift up someone else today. Offer words of encouragement. Rick didn’t even know I was listening. You never know the impact your words can have on others who are listening. 

For more info on Galax Extreme Fitness visit the go fund me


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