Day 178 – Saying Thank You

I love to give cards and I love to get cards. I carry around with me several hand written notes and thank you cards as reminders and inspiration when I feel like giving up. Taking time to tell people thank you, to write out a card or note lets them know they matter. Why just last njght at the community meal some friends left me the most beautiful flowers and a note. Made my night.

So when the people who helped me with the kittens had to return them to the owner, I wanted to do something to thank them for helping. They don’t have much to give in the way of money, but they gave their time and opended their homes to the kittens late at night. They became attached and would have kept them if the owners wouldn’t have found me on Facebook. Although everyone was happy the kittens found their home, I know the couple was sad to give them up. So as my act of kindness the other day I gave them a Thank You card with a couple gift cards to eat out.

What I loved about this is that it reminded me that people who don’t have a lot of money to give  can still give in other ways. They just need to be given the chance, invited to help and thanked for their efforts. Their time should be valued. Their contributions no less than someone who gives money. I used money from selling some things to buy them the gift cards because I don’t always have money to give. People want to help but sometimes they feel like their $5 won’t matter as much as the person who can give $150. I am always reminded of the story of the widow in the Bible. She gave out of what she had to live not her surplus.  I encourage you to give even if you feel like your $5 doesn’t matter. It does. Give your time, your things, your money. Give what you can and then some more. Include people who want to give even if it seems like they don’t have much. People want to help and I have found if you just give them a chance they will. Even if it is just opening your house to two kittens at 10pm at night! 


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