Day 177 – Make me a deal!

In my endless quest to have less to live more, I have been trying to sell a bunch of stuff. What I have found out is that it is a lot of trouble. Yard sales are a waste of time. Sit outside with all your stuff in the hot sun all day just to make $18. The yard sale page is much more convienent but meeting up with people is a drag. All that work for $3 here and $7 there. So for my act of kindness the other day I just said make me a deal. Anyone who contacted me about an item I was selling I said make me an offer. I took their offer and then left other items for them to have for free. I took what ever they offered and then gave them more. People were actually really surprised and thankful. I was just happy to get rid of it all!!

As I get rid of more and more I find myself understanding exactly what Joshua Becker meant in his book The More of Less. In it he describes minimalism as,

It’s about space that has been opened up to make room for new possibilities. It’s “good riddance” because it clears away obstacles to the lives that we want to live and that God wants us to live. In fact, I’m not so much interested in minimalism, per se, as I am in helping people get to the level of possessions that will enable them to live the lives they’re meant to live.

As I get rid of more and more I am finding more time, energy and money to do the things I want. Focusing on experiences and serving others. God always provides and the more I give and clear the way, the more he shows up. 

People always ask me how I have time to do everything I do. Well first my house is small and far from perfect. We don’t spend a lot on buying the next best thing, the next new gadget. We spend a lot of time together and doing the things we enjoy, sports, friends, outdoors, and travel. We have learned that by having less stuff to organize, clean and put away we have more time for all the above mentioned. Don’t get me wrong, we are still a work in progress but we have come so far in this journey just from where we started in January. We went on vacation in California and the only thing we bought was a magnet and a bathing suit Mia had earned by selling some of her stuff. 

With the school year starting we are focusing on what we really need. A new back pack because Kendal’s broke, new tennis shoes for Kendal and a pair of shorts. A pair of jeans for Mia and a new lunch box. If we already have it we aren’t just going to buy it to have a newer one. We are going to use what we have first. 

Selling stuff has also allowed me to continue to give. 365 days of serving, giving and kindness takes money sometimes. But by selling stuff and giving to those in need, I am promised treasures that no earthly money can buy. 


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