Day 176 – I Don’t want to talk about it!

As much as it pains me to type this, school is starting soon. I have had a great summer with the kids. We have done a lot and made a ton of memories. For us August is just the continuation since we are finally on a break from swimming and have free weekends to travel. We have focused on experiences over things and it has changed the way we do summer.

But back to reality. School starts in a couple weeks and I have done nothing. No school shopping for anyone. I haven’t stepped foot inside my classroom and haven’t even looked to see when Mia has open house. I love my job but I love my summers too and we soak up every minute for as long as we can. 

There are a lot of teachers who have been spending their summers planning, organizing and creating to provide their students with the best learning environment possible. One of those teachers is my mentor teacher, Ms. Slate. In planning for the next school year she has created several Donors Choose projects in order to get supplies to meet the varying needs of her students. Teaching pre-k is challenging and rewarding both at the same time. Ms. Slate has a love and a gift for reaching her special education students at this early age. So for my act of giving the other day I donated towards one of her projects and I hope you will too. You many not know this but we don’t get much in the way of a budget to buy the things we need for our classroom. That is why websites like Donors Choose are great and they currently have a dollar for dollar match going on for pre-k leaving this project needing only $100 more to get fully funded. 

You may not know Ms. Slate or any of her students but that shouldn’t stop you from giving. Giving to people who can never repay, blessing others is what serving, loving and kindess is all about it. I plan on making another donation on the 31st. If you want to help get Ms. Slate fully funded you can follow this link

I have been blessed to have several projects fully funded. My last project was for alternate seating options. My goal this year is to not have any traditional desks in my classroom. Working with students with special needs creates a whole list of supply needs that traditional classrooms usually don’t have. I do the best with the limited funding I get and our central office and F do as much as they can beyond that, but it still isn’t enough. With the addition of two new students this year I have created a Donors Choose project to hopefully get some additional sensory items for my classroom. If you want more info on my project you can see it here

For now I will enjoy the last few days of summer break with the kids and look forward to a new school year with my students. 


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