Day 175 – Here Kitty Kitty

A couple weeks ago, on a hot summer night right before dark, Mia and I had Luna in the front yard playing on her little slide. There is something wonderful about sitting in the front yard, watching it get dark, fireflies all around and a one year old’s face of joy as she goes down a slide. It is as close to perfect as it gets. Just as we were beginning to walk in the house for the night, Mia heard a faint meow. She thought it was our cat Sparkles and as she looked in the bush by our front door convinced she was hurt, what hopped out was not our 11 year old cat. No it was a kitten. Mia melted. She loves animals. She would have a million pets if I let her. Instead we have one cat and one dog (which is more than enough for me). The first thing out of my mouth was, We can not keep it!  I could not believe my luck. What were we going to do with this cat? It was 9pm at night. As Mia was pleading with me to take it in the house I almost cried (and not from joy) when another kitten started walking up our drive way! You have to be kidding me, I thought! Of course my husband wasn’t home, it was 9 o’clock at night and these kittens were not coming in my house! 

Next thing I knew the kittens were in my bathroom with Mia and she was pleading with me for them to stay the night. As I listed the million reasons I had for the cats not staying the night , I frantically posted on Facebook for help!! A couple I knew from the community meals offered to keep them for me. So at 10pm we drove the cats to the couples apartment and I sent text messages and posted on Facebook trying to find the kittens homes. I was convinced someone just dropped them off in front of my house. 

My act of kindness for the night. Saving the kittens. As cute as they were I wasn’t letting them stay at my house. I would commit to making sure they were taken care of but like I have said before I am not an animals person. So spending two hours of my night , with a baby and two kittens is kind of a big deal for me. Took me way out of my comfort zone. Which I realize now is important. Acts of giving, serving and loving others won’t always be easy. They should push you out of your comfort zone, just like these kittens took me. 

This story has a happy ending. The cats owners found me through mutual friends on Facebook and picked them up from the people who kept them for me. Since then Mia hasn’t stopped trying to convince me we need another car. 🐱


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