Day 174 – The Galax Carnival

I love the Galax Carnival. I love the small town carnival feel. I have to admit some of my favorite memories are when the local Catholic Church where I grew up held thei carinval. Going on rides with friends, playing games and eating fair food made for some memorable summer nights. 

My kids love the fair too! This is the only fair they have ever known. Mia was to little to remember when we took her to the Orange County Fair in California. That is something else. I even saw Duran Duran in concert at the OC fair when I was in my 20s. 

This year as my act of giving and kindness , I encouraged Kendal and Cesar to go to the fair together, just the two of them, buy ride wristbands and stay all night until fireworks. For Kendal this was a special treat. To have his Dad all to himself has become harder to do since Luna was born. They had a blast. Kendal rode all the rides with his dad and friends. They ate fair food I would never let them have and stayed until the very end of the night. Making memories, focusing on experiences and not things. 

But one on one time wasn’t the only act of giving that evening. The $20 for each wristband was also an act of giving because the carnival is a fundraiser for the Galax Fire Department. Going to the fair is a fun way to support the volunteer men and women who Volunteer countless hours away from their families to help this community. 

Many people complained about the cost of the carnival. I am not here to argue that point. I am here to tell you why I chose to support our carnival as my act of serving, giving, loving and kindness. 

  • The Fire Department has never had to come to my home but they have had to be the first ones to several calls that touched me and many others personally. They are professional and caring. And VOLUNTEERS
  • I have witnessed many of our local firefighters get up and leave in the middle of our church service to answer a call, leaving their families VOLUNTEERING their time to help others.
  • When their is a need in the community these men and women find a way to fill it. I have seen them help move people, build ramps, deliver ice to local ministries, come to schools for programs, offer tours of the Fire Department, deliver food boxes, organize fundraisers, attend parades and escort state champions. All of this done while VOLUNTEERING their time. 
  • I just love several of the families involved with the fire department. They are some of the best people in this town. They make living in Galax the best choice we have ever made and we are blessed to call them friends! 

I will spend $20 at a bingo fundraiser or buy $20 of Krispy Kreme doughnuts for a fundraiser just like I will spend $20 at the carnival to continue to support our local fire department and my friends. I will go every year I am in town as a show of support and thanks for all they do for this little town I love ! 


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