Day 173 -If only skinny mochas made you skinny

I love a good skinny mocha from our local coffee shop. It is like a frozen, blended coffee that is a little piece of heaven. The word skinny in its name tricks you into thinking it isn’t that bad for you. I refuse to look up the nutritional value and ruin it. 

A couple weeks ago it was one of my good friend’s birthdays. I tried to bring her a skinny mocha that day but she wasn’t home so my plans  that day were foiled. Time passed and I was on a little lunch break from work and I decided to grab a skinny mocha . There is hardly ever been a time that I have had an hour to myself with nothing to do! It felt weird. When I went to order my skinny I texted my friend to see if she would be home. I hadn’t done my act of kindness for the day and this was perfect. 

Samantha is a great friend. We love her kids, her husband and her family. She has watched all my kids for me and is one of the few people I know that if I needed someone in the middle of the night she would be there. We go to church together, play sports together and go to the pool together. Her boys are Kendal’s very best friends. 

While I was waiting for our skinnys to be made I realized something. I couldn’t think of one time Samantha and I did something by ourselves. Like without our kids and husbands. We talk on the phone and spend lots of time together with our kids but never do anything just us moms. That needs to change. We need to do more mom stuff even if it is just dinner or a walk. Moms need mom time too! It’s not that I don’t want to hang out, I just get so busy with the day to day of everything else I forget to make plans for me too! I challenge you to invite a friend to do something with you in the coming weeks. A movie, a walk, tubing down the river. While you are busy making plans for everyone else in your life, makes plans for you too! I tried to find a picture of Sam and I together but we done have one so this will have to do!! 


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