Day 172 – I Like Big Bows

I like big bows and I can not lie…I might be kind of obsessed. I just love that little Luna will wear them and they have become her signature look. At the pool, 

At the park, 
Or at soccer,
Luna is always rocking the bow! So when I found out my Sweet friends were having a baby girl I just knew what to get them. I hooked them up with some of my favorite bows, including the one Luna is wearing above, as well as some linen blankets at their shower. 
But then a few weeks later I went into Claires and they were having a sale so I picked up some more bows for Luna and some for baby Sweet. As my act of kindness for the day I delivered them to my friend at our sons’ baseball game .A simple act of kindness and giving celebrating another Sweet little girl being brought into this world. It is my friends third child too and there is also some space between her older two and this new baby. I can’t wait to meet baby Sweet and see her rock the bows!!! 


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