Day 171 – The Boys of Summer

I love having a boy! I have to admit that when I found out I was pregnant this last time I hoped it was a boy and Kendal did too! When we found out it was a girl I told Kendal that God wanted him to be my only little guy. He sure is the sweetest boy I know.

Since we spend a lot of our summer scheduling our lives around swimming, I try to be intentional about planning things for Kendal and his buddies!! So for my act of kindness the other day. My mom and I loaded the boys up and took them to Randolph park for the day. My mom loaded up snacks and money and we hit the pool all day. We let them get giant sticks of sugar at the snack bar and pizza. They ate and played and just enjoyed life! All because I was intentional in making memories. This is what summer is about. Making memories with your friends. These boys are the best! So easy to take places and so much fun! My mom just loves when they are around and so does Kendal. But I think little Luna loves it the most.  I encourage you to invite someone on an outing with you this summer. Whether it be to your house for a play date, the park or the movies. Summer is for making memories and nothing makes memories sweeter than friends. If your not a planner , get out of your comfort zone. Life is about experiences and it is hard to do that without other people. I am so thankful for these boys and all the sweet summertime memories! Especially this one 


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