Day 167 – Love Does it Again

I love Bob Goff and his book Love Does. but I also love his wife’s book, Love Lives Here. The books are both very inspiring. I love them so much I often give them as presents. I have had Love Lives Here sitting on my night stand for months. I bought it for both of my aides as presents with hopes of reading it at the same time and talking about it. Life happened and the reading didn’t. I carried that book in every bag I had hoping to get to read it more or give it the time it deserved. Finally one night as I was thinking and praying about my act of kindness for the day, I looked over and saw the book lying on the floor. Pages wrinkled, love marks on its covers, gently used, greatly loved but not given the attention it deserved. I felt that tug at my heart. Give it away. I knew just the person. With a nice note I passed it along to Alyssa. 

Alyssa is the girl from several of my posts and today she posted a picture of herself reading the book I gave her,  which brought a smile to my face. At that moment I realized something! If I hadn’t taken this journey , if I hadn’t listened to that tug at my heart, if I hadn’t brought her that plate of cookies, if I didn’t talk to her at church, if we didn’t exchange numbers I would not be writing this post. The master choregrapher has been at work in my life. He is using acts of giving , serving and kindness to lay the foundation for bigger things to come. I want to encourage you to take a chance. Listen to those tugs, get out of your comfort zone, love others. This journey of 365 days of serving, loving and giving led directly to this photo of Alyssa. Where can your acts of love, serving and giving lead. 


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