Day 165 – All In 

Some people come into your life and end up being like family. The Hartt family is one of those families. They were some of the very first people we met when we moved here. Until about a year ago they lived right down the street from us. We celebrated holidays and birthdays together. We played sports together and went sledding. They were my kids very best friends. Having them move was just as hard as when their cousins moved. My kids have had to say good bye to some of the people who they love the most. Although the change is hard we find comfort in knowing God has a plan and that they moved for a reason, even if we didn’t like it. 

Recently Angel told us they would be hosting an exchange student this summer through New Horizons for Children. This is a Christian organization who helps orphan children in foreign countries come to the United States as exchange students. I knew right away that this must be part of the plan God had for them moving. They were not only closer to family but were also in a larger home that was perfect for hosting a student. 

Angel doesn’t post much on Facebook so when she shared about the All In campaign I had to look. The All In campaign was a 24 hour event to raise money for interview mission teams, for their orphan care fund and also to recruit new monthly partners. They were looking for 25 new monthly partners at $10 or $25 a month. I felt that tug at my heart. I read more about the organization. I just knew I had to help. Ten dollars was not much to ask for. I can spend $10 at Starbucks in one visit. I wanted to do something to show my support of the Hartt family and their commitment to this organization. So for my act of kindness for that day, the Llamas family became monthly supporters of New Horizons for Children at $10 a month. 

I understand that we all can’t help everyone who asks us for money everytime. But I do know that if I can buy a coffee at Starbucks every time I drive to Christiansburg, then I can afford $10 a month to support this organization and our close friends the Hartt family. Take time to think about where you can help. There are a ton of great organizations out there. We can’t help everyone but we can help someone. 


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