Day 164 – $3.65

The day started out like every other has this summer. I woke up at 5:30 to take Mia to swim practice. With baby and Kendal in tow we left the house and started the one hour drive to Blacksburg. On the way there I noticed I needed gas. I had been filling the car up at night but forgot the night before. We pulled over at a gas station and I tried to find my card. We searched the car everywhere but couldn’t find it. Here we were on the side of the interstate at 6:30am with no gas and no bank card and Mia was going to be late. We looked under every seat and took everything out of the car. Mia was now going to be very late and Kendal had soccer camp. So I scrounged up $3.65 in change to get us to Blacksburg telling myself my card was in the car somewhere and put almost two gallons of gas in my car. I had just used my bank card the day before I just knew I would find it. 

After I dropped Mia off at swim and Kendal at soccer , I searched my whole car and couldn’t find it. Right at that moment I realized I didn’t have any other cards with me. A wave of panic over came me. How was I going to get home. I had no money, no cards, and no gas. I cried. I kicked myself for getting myself into this position. I was going to have to beg someone for money. If only I could buy gas with my Starbucks app. I had plenty of money on that. 

I went back to the quarry to pick up Mia from swim practice and saw another swim parent sitting in her car. I approached her and started to tell the story of the mornings events. We laughed so hard we cried. She scrounged up all the money and change she had in her car to give me. I felt humbled and relieved. I could not believe I left the house without any extra cards or money. On top of it I lost the bank card. While I was laughing about the situation one of my best swim mom friends pulled up. She insisted on lending me $20. I gave the other mom back her money and thanked my swim mom bestie one last time. Mia was so happy I could put gas in the car she almost cried.

 After we filled up and put the gas behind us we set out to do our act of kindness for the day. To be truthful it was the last thing I wanted to do. I was exhausted from the emotional roller coaster and panic I caused myself. But I knew that the devil uses moments like this to stop us from doing His work. So Mia and I drove to the lending library I had seen days before and filled it up with books. The park was crowded and some kids asked me what I was doing. I told them and they admitted they didn’t even know the lending library was there. I started to feel better, my nerves started to settle down and I knew that God was using all of this to teach me something. 

That night when I got online to write a blog post I got a text from a friend that I had won a LuLaRoe contest in her group and was going to get all the hostess rewards. I could not believe it. I had had such a rough day and a stranger was blessing me. My friend had switched groups with another consultant so my rewards were coming from a total stranger. I just had to tell her what a blessing it was. How God always shows up even on the most stressful days. I shared about the blog and my faith with a complete stranger. Something that I just have started to do more boldly since starting this journey. Her reponse was just what I needed and He knew that. The Carlys were just a bonus . I almost let a series of unfortunate events stop me from serving, giving and loving but I didn’t. And God reminded me through a total stranger that He will never fail to lift me up on the days that I feel terrible. 

A couple days later I was able to give my swim mom bestie her $20 back, a thank you note and a little gift. The least I could do for saving me from having to call my husband and have him drive an hour to bring me gas money. I think I only mentioned the whole story quickly before bed. 

In case you were wondering I found my card. When I got home I looked up where I used it last and called them. Sure enough it was at Tropical Smootheis Cafe all the way in Blacksburg. 5 minutes from where I almost ran out of gas. I went back the next morning and got my card. I just knew God was using all of this to teach me a lesson. A lesson I won’t soon forget. 


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