Day 162- They call it puppy love

I have to confess. I am not an animal person. I have grown up with pets all my life and my parents are crazy pet people with my dad borderline committable. But for me I am just not a pet lover. That being said my kids have always had pets. Mia had a boxer her whole life who died last year. That dog loved Mia and Kendal. Watching them grow up together was priceless. I wanted Luna to experience the same thing and Kendal has been begging for another dog, so when a pure bread boxer just happened to need a home I talked my parents into getting it for Luna. Milo has been a great dog so far. He is so good with the baby  and house trained really easy. He loves to play and gets along well with other dogs. We took him hiking one time and he did so well. He loved being outdoors and on the go. So for my act of kindness the other day I took the dog with me to take Kendal to baseball practice and for a walk. That may not seem like a very big or important act of kindness to some, but my animal lover friends are cheering me on. I have such a hard time connecting with animals , taking a dog with me anywhere is out of my comfort zone. I don’t like pet hair and I do not find comfort in petting or cuddling with pets. But my kids love animals and Luna is turning out to be the biggest animal lover of all. Taking Milo with me was a huge act of kindness for me tamd took me way out of my comfort zone. It also made Kendal very happy to have me take the dog. He got to show it off to his friends at practice and at the pool. A special treat because it was so out of the ordinary. 

That night taught me a couple things 1) I need to do more things out of my comfort zone 2) Amimals do bring a lot of joy to people’s lives 3) Milo is a good dog and I need to take him more places and 4) an act of kindness no matter how small and not matter who to is still an act of kindess. I don’t have to justify my act of kindness. Animals deserve kindness too. And although I am not ready to have Milo sleep in our bed (I have no idea how people sleep with pets), I am ready to try and make Milo a more important part of our family and find joy in his companionship just like my kids do!


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