Day 161 – Just give it away already

I have been trying to sell a bunch of stuff to help pay for some camps and other activities for the kids this summer. I have sold a lot, but more often than not I give it away. 

I put a bag of baby clothes on Facebook for sale for $20. At first I didn’t have anyone interested. Then one day I had a young lady message me for them. I was going out of town so I told her I would leave them on my porch but she never picked them up. 

The week passed by and she still didn’t pick them up so I messaged her. She ended up not having the money for them. I felt that tug at my heart. I knew what God wanted me to do. So I told her she could have them as my act of kindness that day and made arrangements for her to meet me at the library to pick them up. 

When I got to the library the young mom was sitting outside waiting. I gave her the clothes and made small talk with her. She told me the baby was inside playing with her mom. I went inside to meet the student I was tutoring and saw the baby. She was so cute and not much smaller than Luna. I smiled knowing that sweet little baby would be wearing Luna’s clothes. I was so glad that God tugged at my heart and I listened. I have been trying to sell some of our extra stuff to help pay for camps for my kids this summer , focusing on experiences rather than things but God had other plans for it. The thing is when I am faithful with my giving whether it be money or stuff, God always shows up and provides. When I don’t listen to that tug I feel it later, that feeling that I missed something great. That I missed my God moment for the day. 

I exchanged a couple more words with the young mom and smiled as they left the library. I said a little prayer for the mom and baby. I knew right then that God wanted me to meet them. That there was a reason she didn’t pick the bag up off my porch. As I sit here typing his up I can close my eyes and see the mom and baby and I said a prayer. I don’t know what the need is but I know that God wants me to pray for this young mom. So I close my eyes and pray for love, safety and needs to be met. I pray for her family and to lift up any needs they have. I don’t know them or even remember their names. I don’t know why or what God wants me to pray. I just know that God tugged at my heart and I listened and because of that I saw the God moment in it all. Won’t you join me in prayer for the young mom and her baby. Prayer could end up being a gift much bigger than the bag of clothes will ever be. 


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