Day 159 – Swimming in Diapers 

Swim diapers are gross. I mean I know babies need them but I just don’t understand how they really absorb and keep stuff from getting in the pool. It is just one of those things I try not to think about to much. Since we are at the pool a lot and I have a baby, swim diapers have now become a staple in my bag, I carry around a bunch. 

A couple weeks ago we went to Tennessee for a swim meet at the Kingsport Aquatic Center. We make a mini vacation out of it because they have a little outside water park that Kendal loves. So while Mia spends the day swimming, we spend the day outside getting some sun and just go inside long enough to watch Mia swim. 

​While I was in line to get into the Aquatic park, I over heard the lady behind me talking about needing  a swim diaper. She didn’t have one and her daughter (who looked to be about the same age as Luna ) needed one. She was hoping they sold them inside. I felt that tug at my heart. I had ten swim diapers in my bag (plus I was pretty sure they didn’t sell them inside) , I knew what to do. I pulled a diaper out of the bag and handed it to the lady.

I overheard you talking. I have an extra swim diaper you can have. I have a whole bunch if you need another one. 

THe family was greatful, smiled and said thank you. I was happy to help. I could have very easily ignored what I heard. I didn’t have to help. God provides us with these opportunities and we have the choice what to do. Whether it is giving someone a swim diaper or buying a meal for a person on the streets. Whether it is lending someone $20 or donating to a friends medical fund. Everyday God provides us opportunities to give, serve and love others. It is what we do with those that matters. We have to be listening for the needs of others above our own. To be honest before I started this journey I don’t know if I would have pulled out that diaper. I could have come up with a million reasons why. It isn’t always easy to be so forward with strangers, to give when you aren’t asked, to help those who others won’t. I am so thankful for the changes in the way I see the world and people, that have come from this journey that God has placed me on. 365 days of serving, giving, loving and kindness and following the Golden Rule.


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