Day 158 – Look what I found 

While cleaning out my room some more , in the never ending quest to have less and live more, I could not believe what I found. Two pairs of maternity pants and a gift certificate to get my nails done. The maternity pants had not been worn since I was pregnant with Kendal. The gift certificate was given to me for my birthday years ago! Why did I still have them? Another example of holding on to things that aren’t serving a purpose in my life. I wonder how many times I have moved them around the house. Reorganizing, cleaning and straightening. I might use them someday. I might need them. 

But since I have started this journey, I have begun to look at the items in my home differently. I have begun to make room for less! Yes you read that right. Make room for less. See you can’t have less to live more until you get rid of the stuff taking up room in your life. So if it isn’t serving a purpose or bringing us joy, if it is a duplicate , if we don’t need it, we are selling it , giving it away or donating it. 

When I found the pants and gift certificate I knew they had to go. So for my act of kindness the other day I gave the maternity pants to a friend whose daughter is pregnant. I dropped them off at her office and even got to chat for a bit! 

The gift certificate  was different. I thought about sending messages to my friends to find out  who went to that nail place. I felt bad for even giving it away since it was a gift. At the time I had been getting my nails done, but right now, in this season of my life I really need to focus on making time for exercise. I had the gift certificate in my purse and kept it there for a couple days trying to decide what to do with it. Then one afternoon the kids and I were driving around running errands and I felt that tug at my heart. I was right across the street from the salon that the gift certificate was for. I knew right them what to do. I pulled it out of my purse and wrote on it, walked into the salon up to the receptionist and said,

This may sound a little crazy but I found this gift certificate while cleaning and I would like for you to give it to the next person who comes in to be put towards their bill. 

The receptionist took it and looked at it. I continued, 

I am doing and act of kindness every day and writing about it. I want this to be a blessing to someone else. Thanks for your help.

And I left. 

Sometimes the act of giving is like a drive by. You do it and go never really knowing the end results. But that is ok. I realized that day something really important. This journey of having less to live more is directly tied to 365 days of serving, loving and giving. It is impossible to do one without the other. God is showing me that if I want to live the life I am called to live, to serve others, I must get rid of the stuff that is keeping me from doing that. Focusing on relationships and experiences is changing the way my family does life. In these first six months my life has changed in so many ways. I can’t wait to see what God has planned for the next six. 


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