Day 156 – Running on Empty

I don’t know what it is, but I hate getting gas. I always push my car to the limits. The nice thing about our newer car is that it tells you how many miles until empty. I almost always push it to 10 and under. I just don’t have time to stop and get gas ever. 


A couple of weeks ago I took my husband’s car to pick up Mia from summer swim. I noticed he was very low on gas. I knew he would have to put gas in in the morning to get to work. So for my act of kindness I put gas in his car for him. He didn’t ask, I just did it to save him a little time the next morning. I know how hard he works for us and I wanted to do something nice. 

As for me , I finally learned my lesson the other morning at 6 am. See I left for Christiansburg (an hour drive from my house), with 30 miles until empty and all kids in tow. Mia has to be at practice and when I stopped to get gas I couldn’t find my wallet or bank card. I didn’t want Mia to be late for practice, sure my wallet and card were somewhere, so I gathered up $3.56 in change from my car and got a couple of gallons of gas to get me there. After we dropped Mia and Kendal off I searched the car with Luna. We never found the card or wallet. They were at home. I kicked myself for not taking the extra 5 minutes the night before to get gas. There I was crying, no way to pay for my gas and an hour away from home. 

Luckily our swim team is one big family and I borrowed $20 from a friend to get home. If only I could pay for gas with my Starbucks app. I had plenty of money on it. I won’t wait until the next morning to get gas ever again. I learned my lesson about running on empty and any time I drive my husband’s car and he needs gas , I will try to fill it up. One way I show him how much we appreciate how hard he works for us! 


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