Day 155 – You Can’t Give it Away

It is almost as hard to give stuff away as it is to sell it. In my continued quest to have less to live more, Kendal and I went through bins, backpacks and drawers full of art and school supplies. We have a lot. Who needs so many markers? How many times a year do we actually even use markers? We hoard left over school and craft supplies like we are going to open a day care some day. So Kendal and I gathered up all the extra and posted it on the Facebook yard sale pages to be given away. 

Believe it or not, only one person was interested. A grandmother from Wythe County who wanted the stuff for her granddaughter. I was happy to give it to her but there was no way I was driving to Wythe county to deliver it. Just when she told me she didn’t like to drive the interstate , I had an idea. I would just mail them to her as my act of kindness for the day. It took me a little while but so got it all boxed up and to the post office. 

A box full of school and art supplies is not cheap to mail. $16 to be exact. And although I could have bought her crayons and markers for $16, it wasn’t about the money. It was about the act itself. The willingness to give stuff away with no strings attached. The willingness to make the effort to mail them. It also gave me the opportunity to share about the blog, the journey and God’s love. You never know when but the seeds you plant today with the simplest acts of kindness can later grow into beautiful things. For now I will continue to try and give away as much as I sell for multiple reasons but the most important one is to serve, love and give to others. 


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