Day 154 – Cheerleading is a Sport 

I don’t care what some people say. Cheerleading is a sport. I don’t know many people who can do what some of the kids do. They put in long hours practicing and competing as well as supporting their high school sports teams. I was never a cheerleader but I do know a bunch of girls who cheer. I think it is just as importnat to support cheerleading as it is football because for those athletes that is their thing. So when Emily Brown was selling raffle tickets to help send some of her high school girls to cheer camp I just knew what my act of giving for the day would be. I bought five tickets and put the money in her mail box, happy to support Emily, the cheer team and the sport. 

A couple weeks passed and guess what, I won the raffle. I have been so lucky lately when it comes to give aways and raffles. I am tempted to play the lottery. Emily dropped the prize off at my house and I was so excited to get the prize, a Maroon Tide bracelet and matching necklace. 

Mia claimed the bracelet and we gave the necklace to a girl celebrating her 15th birthday. It was a wonderful surprise to win the raffle but even if I didn’t win I would buy tickets again. We need to support our local kids and their sports or  what ever their passion is. We need to help them get to camps and attend functions. We need to support them both financially and with words. Keeping kids involved in activities that positively contribute to their lives helps keep them out of trouble. They make friends, they are around positive role models and they learn so many life lessons that can’t be taught anywhere else. So even though I know it seems like people in this small town are always selling something or fundraising for something , think about the impact these fundraisers are having on the people in our community. There is no other way I would love to spend my $5 than knowing I helped, even in a very small way, a girl go to cheer camp and have an experience she might not otherwise have. 


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