Day 153 – Its starting to get expensive

Doing an act of kindness, serving, giving and loving everyday can get expensive. I am not going to lie, sometimes I just don’t have the money. On those days God always finds a way whether it be something that doesn’t cost money or He provides in His way. 

In my continued journey to have less to live more I have been selling a lot of items. One of these things was a Christmas dish set. Yes I love to decorate for Christmas. We even get ornaments as souvenirs when we go on vacation, but to be honest I hadn’t used that dish set in over 8 years. Why was I keeping it? Just in case? I have one very nice pottery barn set of dishes. In fact we got it when we got married and we haven’t broke one dish. Those are the only dishes we use as well as a couple plastic ones for the kids and outside dining. So I sold the set. A friend of mine bought them from me and I was happy to see them go to her. She is such an amazing person. One of the most giving people I know. She gives without people knowing, to those who many of us would turn away from. She is a true example of the verse in Matthew,She is such an inspiration and I am so thankful for her friendship and passion to serve others. 

The next day I was in the drive thru at Chick Fila picking Mia up lunch after swim practice and I was thinking about Crystal and the example she sets. I glanced in my mirror and saw a mom who looked to be about the same age as me in line behind me in the drive thru. She looked to be by herself. I wondered what she was doing at Chick Fila at 11am all by herself. She was driving a mini van and I could see car seats so she was clearly a mom. There aren’t a lot of times I go through a drive through by myself. I felt that tug.  I couldn’t stop glancing at her. When I got up to the window I pulled out the $10 from selling the dish set to pay for Mia’s food. As the cashier handed me my change I asked how much the lady behind me bill was? When she told me I knew I had to pay. The change from the $10 from selling the dishes was just enough to cover her bill. I told the cashier I was going to pay and to tell the lady Jesus loves her and to have a great day. The cashier asked me if I knew the lady. I said no, I just felt a tug and God provided so I listened. 

I drove away smiling. Selling those dishes had a bigger impact than just an extra $10. I was able to use the money to buy not only Mia’s food but someone else’s. I sent a message to the lady who bought the dishes and let her know I used some of the money to bless someone else.

It is so easy to get distracted by money. We live in a culture where when we have more money we buy more bigger and better stuff. I have been trapped in the mindset of buying my kids to much and have been really focusing on spending our time and money on experiences not stuff. Selling our extra stuff is going to help us not only give to others but also pay for some of those experiences. When we get some extra money now I don’t think what can I buy, instead I think about what kind of experience can we provide or how can we bless others. It has been a lifestyle change but one that continues to bless us and others. I challenge you , next time you sell something, how can you use the money to help or bless someone else. 


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