Day 152 – Rewarding Hard Work

Kendal and I got out of school almost two weeks before Mia. It was nice to have that time just him and I. On the last week of school I let Mia go to school late one day so she could go to swim practice. So on that day, Kendal went to work with Cesar. He loved it. I have so many memories of growing up at our family business in California. It seems like I spent my whole childhood running around the shop, “working” and hanging out. I am glad that Kendal got to go to work with Cesar. He even earned $15 sweeping floors. So to reward him for his hard work, (and for my act of giving) the next day I took him to Sheetz with my dollar off coupon and let him get frozen yogart. He wanted to go in and pay himself. He got his yogart and my free drink with our gas and ice. At that moment in time he all of sudden seemed so grown up. He has always been my baby. Such a mamas boy. So sensitive and overly cautious. To watch him go in, order and pay for our items with confidence was great. He felt so grown up and he was so proud of himself. It made me realize that there are many times that I don’t give him the opportunity or allow him to grow up. Part of me wants to keep him young and part of me can’t wait to watch him grow and mature. It is a double edged sword this parenting thing. I just hope I am doing it right! 


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