Day 151 – Drive by Milkshake

On the second to last day of school for Mia I stopped at dairy bar and got her and I chocolate and peanut butter shakes. Anyone who knows me knows they are my weakness. When Mia walked down from the school to meet me , I handed her the shake with excitement. I knew she would be as happy as I was to enjoy our treats. To my surprise she didn’t want it. She said she was full from all the sweet treats they had had that day celebrating the end of school. I was disappointed for a second. I contemplated drinking both the shakes myself. Then Mia had an idea. She asked if I had done my act of kindness for the day and when I said no she suggested that we give the shake away. I love when my kids get involved in the journey. I couldn’t say no to the idea. So with Luna asleep in the car, we drove up and down the city streets looking for someone to surprise. We decided we didn’t want it to be someone we knew. We passed several people but didn’t feel that tug. Finally when we were just about to give up and drink the shake ourselves (I had already sucked mine down) we saw a man in his late twenties walking by himself towards Old Town market. We both thought it was a good idea. So I pulled over and Mia ran up to him and handed him the shake. She told him it was our act of kindness for the day. The guy smiled and said thank you. We watched him take a drink as he walked on. We both laughed at our drive by shake Adventure. 

My kids have become so used to me blessing strangers and giving stuff away that now they come up with ideas. I was so thankful Mia thought of giving the shake away and stopped me from drinking it. All kidding aside, these are the types of memories I want my kids to have. Like remember the time mom and I drove up and down the city streets to give away a shake to a stranger. I want them to love others. Be kind, give away things, help those in need. Sometimes the simple acts have the biggest lessons. If you want your kids to be kind, compassionate giving humans you got to model it. They are watching us for their example, they learn from seeing us do. 


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