Day 150 – The Middle Man

I couldn’t wait to write this post. I love when God provides opportunities like this. When he allows me to be the middle man. At last month’s free community meal (my happy place) a friend of mine came up to me and handed me a $50 bill. She said she had sold a chair and God wanted her to give the money to someone in need. She asked me to find someone at the meal. I was overwhelmed with feelings. I felt honored that she and God would provide this opportunity for me to witness her radical giving and help someone in need. I was inspired by her willingness to give away the money, no questions asked, no recognition needed, no prerequisites, no need to find a worthy cause or for anyone to know it was her. And it wasn’t like she couldn’t use the money. I am sure she could. She was giving radically, above and beyond, she gave out of what she had, not what she had extra. I immediately thought of the story in Mark of the poor widow. I felt honored to be given the task. I scanned the room of people at the meal, looking for just the perfect person. But God had another plan. He kept pulling me towards a young mother. She sat with her infant son at a table. She looked familiar but I couldn’t place her. I took Luna over to talk with her and her baby. I found out she was a single mom who had just gotten her own apartment. She was looking for work. She had another kid who had been removed from her care but she had become sober and was trying her best to take care of the baby. The baby looked happy and healthy. She chatted with several other guests at the meal. When I asked her if she had everything for her apartment she said yes. When I asked her if she had everything for the baby she said yes. When I asked her if there was anything she wish she had for her apartment or baby but couldn’t get, she couldn’t think of anything. I thought to myself, maybe this isn’t who I am supposed to give the money to. But I kept feeling that tug at my heart. Another mom came up and they began to talk. I listened for a bit and then I said,

A friend of mine gave me some money and told me to find someone to give it to as a blessing. I kept asking you if you needed anything because I felt like God wanted me to give it to you. Please take this and know that you are doing a good job. I hope that this is a blessing to you and your baby. 

The young mothers looked at me. They didn’t know what to say. I handed her the $50 bill folded up and walked away. I knew hands down the money was supposed to go to her. God was using the moment to teach me that I didn’t need to know what the need was or if she needed anything for her baby or apartment. I felt the tug and I was supposed to listen. The woman who gave me the money didn’t need to know what it was going to be used for so why did I? Radical giving doesn’t keep running record. Lots of times when we give we won’t know what it is for. That is why we must give generously without expecting anything in return. When we give $5 to the man standing on the corner we will never know what he did with it and that is ok. When you feel that tug at your heart, it is your job to listen, to give without reservation or strings attached only then can God use you to bless others. 


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