Day 147 – Growing Like a Weed

Luna is growing like a weed which means she is growing out of all her clothes. We were so blessed and continue to be blessed by people giving us clothes for little Lu. I have hardly bought a thing. So as she has grown out of stuff, I have been either selling it or giving it away, but mostly giving it away. So the other day for my act of kindness the other day I gathered a bag of some of my favorite outfits and gave them to Luna’s sitter Mrs. Stacey for her little girl Piper! One of the greatest things about passing clothes on to people I know is that when I see their kids in it, it reminds me of when my kids were that age. See that denim jacket up there? It was Mia’s. Passed on and then back to me. Little Luna actually never wore it but I can’t wait to see if Piper does! 

Mrs. Stacey has been a blessing in our life. Since I didn’t work until Kendal was one and then my mom watched him, I never had to have child care. It was so stressful but Mrs. Stacey made it so easy. Luna loves her and her kids like family. She clings to her when I pick her up. Her kids are great and she is a believer in Jesus. To know that my child is safe, happy and loved is such a blessing. That is why when I can I try to give stuff to Stacey and Piper. To be a blessing in some small way to them for taking such good care of Luna! If you have someone who watches your little ones while you work, take time to tell them what a blessing they are to you! I know that God placed Stacey in our lives for a reason and I will forever be greatful to her for opening her heart and her home! 


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