Day 145 – Super Heroes Squad

Kendal used to be really into Super Hero’s. He has been Batman and Spider-Man for Halloween! Cesar even dressed up as Batman one year with Kendal. He had all the toys, Batman and the Bat Cave. He would set  them up in his room and play for hours. The kid loved superheroes. My aide, Mr. BEAMER found Kendal an extra large, framed super hero poster that would act as the back drop for many a play session. Kendal continued to grow up and his love for super heros started to fade.

 Recently in our quest to have less to live more, we have been selling or giving away items in the kids rooms they no longer use or need. I let them pick the items because I do not want to force this minimalist approach on them but I also don’t want them to be consumed by consumerism. Kendal already sold most of his super hero collection, keeping only a select few to play with his dad with. So when Kendal came out of his room with his super hero poster, I knew it was over. He would probably never dress up as Spider-Man with the muscles again. 

I have also been letting the kids decide what we sell and what we give away. Kendal decided to sell the poster so we put it on Facebook. A friend of mine wanted it for her relative who was now living with them. She had decorated his room in super heroes and the poster would be perfect. The next evening Kendal and I set out to deliver several items I had sold on Facebook. We started talking about the poster. After a bit he said he just wanted to give it to the little boy so we drove to his house that evening and left it on his porch as our act of kindness for the day. See this family is full of superheroes. Opening your home to a child is one of the most selfless things a family can do. There is no doubt in my mind that this little boy thinks they are superheroes. Kendal and I felt blessed to bless them. 

I realized something through the process. As much as I don’t want to admit it, my kids are attached to their  possessions. I was so happy when Kendal decided to give the poster away. He was eager to deliver it and know another little boy was going to get to enjoy it! I learned something from Kendal. Sometimes our first instinct with our possessions isn’t always the correct one. If we aren’t careful our possessions can control us. I am sure glad Kendal showed me that it is ok to let go. We can not take these things with us when we go. Which keeps bringing me back to Matthew Chaper 6.I challenge you to join me on this journey of having less to live more. It won’t be easy and it won’t happen overnight but it will be worth it!


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