Day 144 – Minimizing in the Classroom

I am trying to have less to live more. I am a work in progress. I have been giving away or selling things daily and I still don’t feel like I have made a dent. I don’t know when or how but over the last ten years we have accumulated so many “things”. These things take up time when they have to be picked up, cleaned or organized. The same is true for all aspects of my life from home to work. You can’t declutter one and not the other. So as the end of the school year approached  I decided to work on decluttering my classroom. 

When I first started teaching 9 years ago I had nothing. Thanks to all my amazing teacher friends I have accumulated a lot over the years. We only get a small amount of money to buy supplies each year. A lot of the items I have have been either donated or bought by me. Teachers spend a lot of their own money on things for their classrooms. We are defiantly not in the profession for the money. 

I have been lucky though. My mentor teacher passed a lot on to me. My former aide, Mr. BEAMER was always finding us things at yard sales and auctions. I have also received several donations from Donors choose projects. I have lots of stuff. But recently I realized that there is a lot that I don’t use and won’t use that is taking up space. The problem is I have to move it and organize it to get to the stuff I do use, so I went through all my cabinets and only kept the things I use or am going to use. Since I usually service my students from k-5th and they have varying disabilities , I need a range of items. Even then I still had things I never used over the past 9 years. 

I piled everything up on a table outside my classroom and gave it away. For my act of giving that day I loaded up a bin full of personal items and gave them to a homeschool mom. A couple of things happened. I was able to give teachers things I no longer use and I was able to pack up my room easier and quicker. No need to spend days organizing and cleaning. Keep the things I need and serve a purpose and get rid of the rest. This is something I have been working on at home and to be truthful is so hard. I always say to myself “what if I need it one day” but chances are if I haven’t used it in he past five years I won’t need it in the next (there are a few exceptions I know). I encourage you to get rid of your excess “stuff”. Sell it, donate it, give it away. Have less to live more. It is a process but so far the journey is getting easier. 


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