Day 143 – Checking in

For my act of kindness the other day, I spent time checking in and following up. Let’s face it, life is busy. We have family, work, school, church and other obligations that sometimes we don’t feel like we have a minute to ourselves. Days can go by and I haven’t taken the time to make any type of intentional interactions with friends. So the other night for my act of kindness I reached out. I took the time to make the call, send the text, write the Facebook message. I invested time into people. 

When I started to write about my act I realized something. In a world where we can do all of our communicating through our phones, we are slowly loosing the need to meet face to face. Even meetings can take place online. We say Happy Birthday online, we send emails make videos. Many of the face to face interactions are gone. It worries me. I know that when someone stops by to visit me , it makes me feel special, like  I matter. When someone invests time into visiting someone or inviting them somewhere it lets people know they matter. My act of kindness made me realize I took the easy way out. I called, texted and messaged some people, sure it took time but was I really investing in them? Was I being intentional or checking them off my list? Did they really feel like they mattered to me or that I valued them? 

As I was reading through the Bible I came across these verses in Job. Wow. That is friendship. That is an example of investing in people. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we showed people we cared in extravagant ways. Job’s friends did not say a word. They just showed up, sat with him and invested their time. They showed him they cared by being there. 

Recently Cesar and I were going through something and our friends Samantha and Galen dropped everything to be there for us. They came to our house, they sat with us, they showed us how much they care. They did it without any hesitation. Just the kind of love and friendship Job’s friends showed for him.

So although I did reach out through phone, message and text and those things do matter, I am going to try and be intentional and generous in my time when a friend needs me, just like Job’s friends did and just like Samantha and Galen did for us! 


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