Day 141 – The Great Duck Race 

Every year our local fireman have a fundraiser called the Great Duck Race. They sell rubber ducks that they dump into Chestnut Creek and give prizes for the first duck across the finish line as well as other prizes. I found out after talking to one of our local firemen that this is one of their biggest fundraisers so for my act of giving the other day, Kendal and I bought a duck. I would love to win the Kayak, Kendal wants the cash 😜If you live in the Galax and surrounding areas let me encourage you to support our local firemen and buy a duck. Ducks are only $5 and the race will take place July 4th. This is a great way to support our community and have fun. See any fireman to buy your duck.

We have all been touched in some way by our Volunteer Fire Department. I have witnessed many of its members leave church, birthday parties, school functions  and dinner with their families to serve our community. They are often the first to the scene of tragedy and serve this community with all their hearts. They are also the ones to come to the aide of many by holding fundraisers and drives to help those in need. They open up the fire department to Girl Scout troops and classrooms. They serve this community in  countless ways and they do it all on their own time expecting nothing in return. I feel so blessed to live in this small community with so many selfless people willing to serve and give and I am thankful for the men and women of our local fire department and their families. Join me in not only supporting them financially but also in praying for them as they serve this community! 


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