Day 139 And Day 140- Hot Hot Turf and Both Parents 


A couple of weeks ago Kendal played in his last soccer tournament of the season for the academy U10 team New River United. The tournament took place at the turf fields at VT. Luckily for us Mia had a swim meet that same weekend at the Christiansburg Aquatic Center. So we packed up for the weekend and got a hotel and made the most of it all. 

Like we usually do, on Saturday we divided and conquered. I went to the swim meet first and Cesar took Kendal and Lu to soccer. After their first game they came back and we switched. Lu and I went to soccer. By this time it was the afternoon and the sun was hot! Little did I know that turf fields get extra hot. By the second half of the game sweat was dripping off me and Luna was a hot mess! Cesar made it back in time to watch the second half and he sent Mia with a friend to eat. When soccer was done we headed back to the hotel and Cesar headed to do his volunteer hours. The girls tried to rest and Kendal played in the hotel room. My friend Gretchen (Tatum’s mom from one of my latest posts  watched the kids while I drove Luna around to sleep and picked up Cesar from the fields. It was hot and I needed coffee so on the way back to the hotel we swung by Starbucks and I picked Gretchen and I up our favorite drinks! A simple act of kindness on this hot day to help me make it through the evening swim session and trying to entertain Luna in a hotel room!!! 


On  Sunday we had the same problem, both kids had their events at the same time. Kendal was playing in the semi-final and would play in the finals if they won. We made a decision. For the first time ever we would drop Mia off at the swim meet by herself and we would go to watch Kendal’s game. Our act of kindness for the day. Kendal would have both parents at his game. 

Kendal won his first game and we rushed back to the pool. I stepped inside right as Mia got out of the water: I missed her race and she swam her best time in the 100 Fly. We were able to catch her last race. We learned that Mia can race and do well even without us there and that sometimes it is ok to miss swimming to go to watch Kendal play. 

We all went to watch Kendal play in the championship. The boys played great, loosing 1-0  playing in the U11 age bracket. Kendal was so happy to have us all their supporting him. We sometimes forget how much he sacrifices because of Mia’s swimming. This season we are going to put him first and be ok with Mia being on her own sometimes.  


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