Day 138 – I have no words

I hate cancer. I know way to many people , from children to grandparents, fighting cancer right now and I hate it. I have lost to many loved ones and have seen so many people loose loved ones that I can’t say it enough, I hate cancer. 

Recently a friend of mine, who has a son battling cancer, posted the story of a young mother and her little baby. It broke my heart. I could not even comprehend what the young mother was going through, loosing her baby to cancer. My friend has a heart of gold. Making it her mission to help raise money for this family during this horrible time, she set up a GoFundMe for the family. So for my act of giving and love the other day, I made a small donation to the family. I have no words except I hate cancer. Take a minute to follow the link and if you can make a small donation please do. Showing love and giving to people who can never repay you, who are healing from unimaginable loss. We all have $10 , it is what we choose to do with it that matters.


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