Day 137 – Just Keep Swimming 

Swimming is one of the most demanding sports I have ever seen. No one in my family was a competitive swimmer so all of our experience has been with Mia. It is one of the only sports I know where you practice 5-6 days a week, year round. Swimming never stops. That being said your teammates become like family. You spend countless hours practicing, traveling and competing with them. Swimming is a family. 

I am so thankful for our swim friends. Mia has made some amazing friends on the H2okies swim team. During the last month of my pregnancy with Luna and for the first month of her life they helped me out by getting Mia to and from the pool and for this I will forever be grateful. 

So when one of them asks for a ride I try my best to help out. The other evening I was able to take Tatum to practice. It was great to spend time with her. Because she is a year older than Mia they were in different practice groups this year. Although this was tough on Mia, it was a great opportunity for lessons on friendship. Tatum is one of the sweetest kids I know. Her mom is one of my best friends. We have watched our kids grow on the pool deck together. Mia knows all of this but misses being able to see Tate at the pool and I get it. I told Mia friendships aren’t defined by the amount of time you see eachother. Friendships go through seasons but that doesn’t lesson the friendship. Just like having Luna has changed my ability to travel with Tatum and Gretchen or share hotel rooms, it doesn’t mean we are any less of friends. It was great to hear theses two chatting and hanging out just like old times.

So for my act of kindness for the day I treated the two swimmers to Jimmy Jones for dinner because swimmers can eat a lot. 

Friendship is hard at any age, but I want Mia to learn that some of my best friends are the ones I could not talk to for months and when we see eachother it is just like we left off. They like me for me and even though we don’t see eachother everyday or even talk once a week I know that they are my friend and I can count on them. Friendships go through seasons and true friends understand that. I am so glad that Mia has made so many great friends on the H2okies, especially the Robinsons, we sure do know how to close down a pool. 


2 thoughts on “Day 137 – Just Keep Swimming ”

  1. Tatum is one of the best! Both in her abilities but also her kind heart, speech and actions. Just keep swimming girls!


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