Day 136 – I Somehow Survived

I somehow survived the last days of school. It was a miracle considering I did it without eating large amounts of chocolate. SOLS, IEPs, Progress reports, Spring Fling, awards assemblies, talent shows, field trips, and packing up for summer! Not to mention getting my own children to school and all of their events. May is by far the busiest month for teachers and parents. I somehow survived. I survived last year and I will survive next year but when you are in the middle of it you never think you will make it out alive. 

But seriously this year has been great. I had great students, greats aides, a great new principal. I am not saying it was perfect, there were challenges, but this year had so many positives. One great thing was my mentee Leslie Phipps. She had a VERY challenging year in PreK and as a first year teacher I know it was tough. But she made it and she will make it next year too! For my act of kindness during the last full week of school I brought her a little treat. She is an awesome teacher and I know next year will be just as great. It is summer and to be truthful I am not even thinking about school. I am soaking up every minute with my family and friends. It won’t be long until parents are ready for school to start and then the madness begins all over again! 


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