Day 135 – Poor Kendal

By this point you have read about so many late night Walmart runs you may be planning an intervention. In my defense this family eats a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit and you can’t buy a lot of that to far in advance so I end up going to the store every couple of days to restock. So one late night after a baseball game Kendal and I ran to the store. Poor Kendal. He really has had the hardest time adjusting to life with Luna. Between him and Mia his life has changed the most by far. With Mia at swim all the time it leaves Kendal with Luna and I most nights. Don’t get me wrong, she is the best baby, and Kendal loves her to death but he misses the nights of just me and him. So here we were at Walmart again and of course Kendal asked me, as he does every time, to buy him some gum and for some quarters for the claw machine. I always say no, but that night, I said Yes! He was so excited. All it took was a pack of gum and some quarters. I let him show me everything he wanted to in Walmart. We looked at the newest video games, at Legos, at new bikes. He didn’t ask me for any of those things. He was happy to be with just me, looking at stuff at Walmart. The quarters and gum were a bonus. I sometimes forget that it is ok to say yes sometimes. We as parents say no so much and it would be bad if I bought him something everytime we went to the store. But once and awhile, the perfectly timed yes can be an unexpected blessing. Kendal and I had a really good time in Walmart that night. I know it sounds weird. But by letting him lead the way, by not being in a rush because Luna was with us, by surprising him with gum and quarters at the end and watching him win at the Claw machine, we made memories out of the moment. Sometimes we get so caught up in the rush of life, trying to hurry or taking care of Luna we miss the little opportunities  that come before us daily. Simple acts of kindness done intentionally add up over time. I loved that when we left the store Kendal said it was the best night ever. A win, some gum, a little claw machine and alone time with mom. He was right, it was perfect! 


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