Day 134 – Early Morning Diaper Run

After a very busy and wonderful Mothers Day, I got home and packed up for Monday morning. It was late and everyone was tired from our day of hiking in the sun. I was getting Luna’s diaper bag together for the sitter and I realized I only had four diapers! I searched the house high and low. Four diapers in the whole house!!! It was already close to 10pm. All the closest stores were closed, and the thought of going to Walmart made my stomach hurt. I knew (or hoped) I had enough diapers to get through the night, if I could just make it to morning I could make an early morning diaper run to Food City before taking Luna to the sitters.

Morning came and we avoided a diaper disaster, with poor Kendal and Luna in tow we left the house 30 minutes early and  went to the store. To make Kendal happy I promised to drive him through McDonald’s for breakfast. Everything was empty at that that time of day. I got in line at the drive thru and ordered his food and myself another coffee , when I pulled up to pay I noticed that a guy from church was in line behind me. This was great. I love to buy people food in the drive thru and here was someone I knew, so I paid for ours and his and drove to the next window to collect our food! Gregg waved and thanked me .

$2 was all it cost to be a blessing to somone else. God took this diaper disaster and provided an opportunity for me to be a blessing. On a normal day I would have never been in that drive thru. If we weren’t facing a diaper dilema I wouldn’t have been able to bless Gregg. This all reminded me of a much bigger lesson. God sometimes puts us in inconvient situations at bad times in order to give us opportunities to serve and bless others. We just have to make sure we are looking and obedient not only to those in need by to everyone. If I would have let the diaper drama change my mood and focus only on it, I might not have looked in the mirror of my car and saw Gregg behind me in line at McDonalds. How often do we let inconvient situations keep us from seeing the needs and opportunities to bless people all around us. Not only was I able to bless Gregg but my act of giving was done by 7:15am, with a very busy day ahead of me I knew right then my day would be great! I can’t thank God enough! There are no words, just thanks and gratitude for the opportunities he provides, even during the diaper drama dilemma. 


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