Day 133- A Different Kind of Mother’s Day

This year for Mother’s Day I asked my kids to not get me anything. I had been trying to get rid of stuff and focus more on experiences than things. Instead I requested that we go hiking at Hanging Rock State Park I wanted to make memories and spend time together instead of spending money on presents and brunch. So after church we packed up a picnic and our dog and drove to Hungry Mother. 

We had an amazing day. No phones (only for pictures) hiking and exploring. I could not of asked for a better Mothers Day. In fact we had so much fun we are going to do the same for Fathers Day and hike some of the trails we didn’t get to. After a full day of hiking we met my family at my grandpas house for a cookout and some fishing. While we were there and I was looking through pictures from the day I realized what a fantastic day we had and we didn’t spend one dollar. I vowed then to try and have a summer full of experiences that cost little to no money. 

That evening when I got home I decided to give away some of the baby items I had been trying to sell in honor of Mother’s Day and as my act of kindness for the day. I posted a baby towel set with robe online for free. I got a request from a young lady who wanted it. After going back and forth about a place to meet I realized she works for the same school district as me as an Americorp tutor. I put it in the school mail the next day. I love how God works. Reminding me on Mothers Day that the best gifts in life are time and free, inspiring me to give away baby items to a young mother who was doing the same job I did when I was a young mother. I was an Americorp tutor for two years when I was pregnant with Kendal and when he was one. It pays hardly anything but gives you money to use towards your education and which I used towards my maters degree. I knew it wasn’t a coincidence and that those baby items were going to where they were meant to be. A reminder of when I started out as a mom. 

I encourage you to give away some of your stuff. I am not unrealistic. I have been selling a lot lately trying to make some extra money to pay for some soccer items for Kendal, but I am so glad I gave away those baby items on Mothers Day. What a perfect reminder of how far I have come as a mother! 


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