Day 132 – 100 Things 

I love this community. I love my church but I also love several other churches in our community. One of my favorite things to do is listen to sermons by other pastors in our area. One church that I love is Out of the Box in Hillsville. They are very similar to Cornerstone and I have been blessed by the service opportunities they have provided. I just love the people there and am excited to watch them continue to growin their work for the Kingdom. 

Recently their pastor Ronnie Collins did a sermon series called Making Change. I love the idea behind it. Less is More, Stress is Bad, Giving is Good. I highly recommend you listen to it. Here is the link During this series Pastor Ronnie challenged people to give away 100 things a week for four weeks! So for my act of giving that day, I accepted the challenge. See I have been working hard on donating, giving away or selling stuff in order to have less and live more. 

For example today I went through a kitchen cabinet only keeping Tupperware that had matching lids, downsizing my coffee cup collection and getting rid of bowls and plates that we haven’t used in years. Less to organize, less to wash, less to clean and put away. Keeping my favorite mugs, keeping only the Tupperware that was functional and served a purpose, only keeping the dishes we use. 

So when Pastor Ronnie challenged us to get rid of 100 things out of our abundance I did. I gave our Hot Wheel Jeep that I didn’t think worked and two big baskets of clothes, stuffed animals and shoes. It was surprisingly easy to come up with 100 things. If I could come up with 100 things that easy, what did that say about how much abundance we have. Why did we have so much stuff? I had been already giving away and selling 100s of things from books to movies, to baby and kids clothes to kitchen items . How come I could get another 100 things together so easily and I know I could get 100 more together today. I had not realized how having so much stuff was keeping me from truly living the life I wanted. One of serving, giving and loving with abundance. Radical giving , time to serve and love flowing. 

The problem many people face is where to start. Start small. Clean your closet out. Do it more than once. The first time you get rid of stuff you don’t like, the second time get rid of stuff you don’t need , the third time keep only those items that you really like and bring you joy and serve a purpose. Pretty soon you will have given away, sold or donated over 100 things. I challenge you to listen to Pastor Ronnie’s series and accept the #100things challenge. It is a great way to give back to not only your community but to yourself! 


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