Day 131 – Fidget Frenzy

We are all in. We love fidgets. I myself have been using different kinds of fidgets in my classroom with my students for years. When used correctly they help to meet both the sensory and emotional needs of students. Kendal has anxiety. His coping strategy is to chew his shirt. He has stained and ruined more t-shirts than I can count. We have tried several types of chew items, pencil toppers, necklaces, hand fidgets but none of them really worked. One day we were at the mall and Kendal spotted a kiosk selling Fidget spinners. He talked my mom into buying him a Batman shaped one. He loved it and the shirt chewing stopped. I myself tried it and did not understand how it helped, but for Kendal it calmed him and kept him from chewing his shirts so we were all in. I ordered several different ones and also a Fidget cube. I will admit, I can’t stand the cubes. The little clicking noises almost drive me as crazy as someone chewing gum (I have a disease I promise). And for Kendal the cube didn’t meet his needs either. But the spinner did and I was thankful.  

For my act of kindness for the day I gave a Fidget cube to my special education teacher partner Amber. I knew she had a spinner and I just knew she would love a purple cosmic one. Amber is an amazing teacher who always puts the needs of others first. She may have a little OCD (her room is so organized and always being rearranged), who knows the cube may meet a need she has too!😜

Maybe the fidget spinners are a fad, I am sure kids will loose interest and it will fade just like bottle flipping. But for kids with true needs, anxiety, ADHD, sensory , Autism, they will continue to use them and maybe , just maybe this fad will help people be more accepting of fidgets. I know as a teacher and parent that all kids are unique. We can’t expect them to all have the same needs. My moto has always been Fair is not always equal. So while some teachers and parents may not think it is fair that some students get to use fidgets in the classroom, I try to explain that for kids like Kendal, if used correctly (there needs to be rules and not be a distraction) fidgets , including spinners can help meet several needs that will help them to be successful. I encourage you to think about this next time you see a kid with a spinner or Fidget. Sure it is a fad and they are everywhere but my hope is that for some kids these spinners and fidgets continue to meet their needs and be successful. 


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