Day 129 – It Didn’t Feel Right 

Here it is, another act of kindness brought to you in Walmart. I am beginning to think my mission field might be Walmart, either that or I need to get better at grocery shopping because I seem to make a lot of late night trips to the store. 

For teacher appreciation week the CEA (Carroll Education Association) gave its members a $5 gift card to Walmart. A small token of appreciation. As soon as I got the card I knew what to do with it, give it away. It was extra, a bonus and a great way to give to others. 

I walked into Walmart and kept me eyes and heart open for someone to give it to. When I was in the baby section I saw a woman, a young lady and a toddler buying some items. I felt that tug at my heart but I couldn’t get up the courgae. They only had a few items in their cart. The tug got stronger but I just didn’t listen. I made a million excuses. They weren’t approachable, I will find someone else, maybe I will run into them again. 

I finished all my shopping and headed for the checkout. I still hadn’t given away the gift card. I glanced around one more time to see if I saw that family again but I didn’t. I put my stuff up on the conveyor belt and checked out. When I was ready to leave I saw a young couple with a couple kids checking out in the line next to me. I took out the Walmart gift card and handed it to the mom.

I want to give this to you. It was given to me at work and I wanted to pass it on as an act of kindness for the day. 

As I walked to the car I felt bad. It didn’t feel right. I had given away that gift card to just check it off my list. I didn’t listen to that tug at my heart. I ignored God’s plan for that gift card, and I knew it because the act of kindness just didn’t feel right. It isn’t that the other couple didn’t need it or deserve it. They were really thankful. It was that I didn’t listen to that tug. I made excuses. I knew right then that God was teaching me something. That sometimes listening to that tug puts us in uncomfortable situations , with people who may seem unapproachable but if it is truly God’s will then it will always work out. That feeling I felt wasn’t from not giving the card to the right person but from not listening to that tug. A five dollar gift card taught me so much. 


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