Day 128 – Daily Encouragement a lesson of Failure and Grace 

Doing anything daily is hard. So many times I have committed to doing something daily and failed. I am going to read my bible every day, set an alarm, first thing when I wake up. Good intentions but after a week the intentions fade and I find myself on Facebook instead of in Romans. I am going to eat better. No more sugar, candy, sweet treats. I do good for a couple weeks and then have a sick baby and next thing I know a half a tub of Carmel cookie crunch gelato is gone. I have failed over and over again. So when a friend of mine mentioned that she would like a daily bible verse to encourage her I reluctantly agreed. I said I would try.  I knew I would fail. I know my limits . I have been committed to daily acts of serving, giving, and loving and even then I have failed. There have been times I wanted to give up, when I had nothing to give, when this journey seemed impossible, but it is at those moments when I lean on God most and am reminded that none of this is possible without him. I have learned to give myself a little Grace. To accept the fact that I can not do it all and I can’t do it alone. That there are times where God’s plan may not be my plan. So I have done my best to give daily words of encouragement to this new friend. But more importantly I send them when I think of her, or am in prayer for her, or I read something that makes me think of her. Because if I am just sending words of encouragement daily to check it off my list then it looses its meaning. Just like if my acts of serving, giving and loving are done just to check off the list then I am not listening at those tugs at my heart or Glorifying God. Learn to fail and accept Grace. Again God amazes me on how he uses something like a request for daily verses of encouragement to teach me about His will and Grace. So although I have failed in sending them daily, I have found purpose and meaning in when I send them and have learned to allow myself a little bit of grace on this journey. 


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