Day 127 – Standing in Line

A couple weeks ago I found myself at the store, late at night again. I have gone to the store more in 2017 than I ever have! So here I was on a Monday night right before store closing buying items for lunch the next day. 

The store was crowded. It was an interesting crowd. I got in line and a line quickly formed behind me. While I was waiting my turn I noticed the young man in line behind me. He looked to be in his early twenties. He only had one item, a case of bottled water.

My first instinct was to let the young man go ahead of me in line. Even though I only had a couple things , he had one, I should let him go. But then I felt that all familiar  tug at my heart and knew what I had to do. 

As the cashier started to ring my items up I asked, 

Is that all you have?

The young man shook his head yes.

Then add it to my bill. 

And then everyone stood still. The cashier, the young man, the people in the next line over. It was like I told them something shocking like , Put your hands up. No one knew what to do. After a moment of awkwardness (which I have experienced multiple times on this journey), I repeated myself. 

Add his water to my bill. 

The young man looked at me puzzled and then handed the cashier his water. After the cashier scanned it he waited. I guess he was waiting for the catch, what I wanted in return. But then I looked at him and said, 

I am paying for your water as my act of kindness for the day. Be kind to someone in return. 

The young man said thank you and was on his way. You could tell he was uncomfortable, the whole thing was a little weird. But no one said that serving, giving and loving others wouldn’t be uncomfortable. 

Sometimes God asks us to do things that make usuncomfortable  or even make someone else uncomfortable . Those moments usually end in even bigger God moments. God never promised it would be easy. Following those tugs at my heart has lead me to many awkward moments. But what I have realized is that the more I listen to that tug, the more I serve, love and give, those awkward moments become moments I long for because those are the moments I know that I am following God’s purpose for my life. 


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