Day 126 – I could not believe my eyes

A couple of weeks ago, on May 7th, our church hosted Compassion Sunday. During that service we learned about Compassion Internationl and our family sponsored a little boy from Mexico. I also had the opportunity to share about several local ministries and ways to get involved. I was a nervous wreck talking in front of the congregation but I am passionate about serving this community and getting people connected

Since I was speaking during service I stayed for the second service. I hardly ever go to second service and to be truthful there are a lot of people I don’t know. As I sat in the back row waiting my turn to speak I glanced around the sanctuary at all the unfamiliar faces. I could not believe my eyes. What was she doing here? I sat staring at the young lady across the church. What were the chances. 

I grabbed my friend Tom and took him out side. 

Do you remember the blog I wrote about the girl at CVS? She is sitting in the back row.

Tom looked at the young girl and smiled.

Alyssa? She is dating Cody….

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. You mean the girl that God placed on my heart had been coming to our church!! Tom and I chatted a bit more about her and I went back into church ready to speak. When my part was done I thought about God and how perfect his plan was. I didn’t know why God laid it on my heart to do an act of kindness for her but I knew then he was preparing me for this moment. 

I knew I had to speak to her. So after service I went up to her.

Hi, so I am the lady who brought cookies to you at CVS.

She looked at me funny and then hugged me. We talked, exchanged numbers and I left with that overwhelming feeling you get when you experience a “God Moment”. 

I couldn’t wait to share my story. A testimony to God’s perfect plan and how listening to that tug at my heart lead to this moment right here. 

We might not always know why God places certain things on our hearts. Chances are you might never know. But others times God shows you loud and clear and you can’t deny it. I knew without a doubt that God placed Alyssa on my heart and in my path for a reason. One act of kindness led to a new friendship and I can’t wait to see where God leads us from here. 


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