Day 125 – Hook a Sister Up

I never see my sisters. One lives in California and one lives in Washington State. We see eachother maybe once a year which means I only see my nieces and nephew once a year. I am not going to lie it sucks. I shared a room with both my sisters until I moved out at 18.  Although our lives have taken us all over the United States I think about them and my nieces all the time! It is hard for Kendal and Mia. They miss their cousins so much. I wish I could snap my fingers and have us live in one town but we have to trust in Gods plan for us and that being in Virginia is where he wants us for now. 

My sister Jamie and I are the most alike. We are both teachers and put ourselves through college. This year she is feeling the end of year teacher stress/tired bad. Special education is a great field but the paper work is ridiculous! 

So for my act of kindness the other day I used some super cash and rewards to buy my sister a top and send it to her as a surprise. After I ordered it I saw a post the next day from her on Facebook about being stressed out. What perfect timing for a surprise!  
I could have used that reward and coupon on myself but being able to bless someone else without spending a lot of money is nice. I encourage you to do the same. Next time you have a coupon or reward use it on someone else besides yourself. Sure it would be nice to have new stuff. I would have liked a new shirt but I don’t need it. Plus God always works it out because a friend of mine text me the same night I ordered that shirt for my sister and gave me the cutest outfit. Coincidence? No way. God blesses those who bless others. I can not begin to tell you how many times this has happened to me in the past 125 days. God always provides what we need. He may not provide everything we want but if we are faithful with what we have He will provide.


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