Day 124- Just Listen 

Some times the best thing you can do is just listen. Not offer advice, not tell a story, not give your opinion and that is just what I did for my act of love and kindness. I was intentional with my friendships, reaching out to a couple friends who I knew were going through hard times. I listened by text and by phone. I was there. No judgement cast, just listening and caring. This made me think. What if I were as intentional about listening to God speak to me as I was listening to my friends. What if I didnt interupt or let my mind wander. What if I just listened. 

Then I began to think. What if I didn’t just merely listen to the word of God but I put it into practice with the same intention. What if instead of just listening to what God was telling me, I put His word into action. Because who am I to only listen and not act. Listening can be hard. Listening to our kids talk about friends who are mean. Listening to co- workers who are unhappy. Listening to friends that are struggling. Listening to loved ones who are lost. The same is true for God. It is hard for us to listen and it seems even harder for us to act. Sometimes He doesn’t tell us what we want to hear. Sometimes listening means taking us out of our comfort zone. But if we listen, if we are intentional in spending time in His word and then acting on hose tugs at our heart then we will be blessed. 

Just like listening can bring peace to a friend , listening to God can bring us peace. Being intentional is something that I am trying hard to do both in listening and acting. I am thankful for friends who lean on me and let me lean on them. I am thankful for a God I can always lean on. Take time to listen this week. Listen to a friend who needs to talk. Listen to those tugs at your heart. Listen when He speaks through His word and then be intentional about how you respond in both situations. 


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