Day 123 – Prom Dress Emergency

Two days before prom I got a call from a fellow co-worker. She told me that there were some girls at our local high school who were going to prom and didn’t have dresses. It was Wednesday, Prom was Friday. Could I help? They had heard that my church had a prom dress give away. Was there any way the girls could see the dresses.

We had already had our big Prom Dress give away called Say Yes to the Dress. All the dresses were packed away but I agreed to get together a bin of the sizes they needed and bring them to school the next morning. The plan was for someone to meet me to get them.

That evening our whole family went to Christiansburg. Kids had practice and Cesar and I took the baby for a walk on the Huckelberry trail. It was a beautiful evening and it was nice to have our family all together instead of split up. After practice, heated dinners and the drive home, I still had to run into the grocery store and it was close to 9pm. 

Finally we were on the way home when I remembered !! My act of kindness for the day. The prom dresses! Prom was two days away and if I didn’t get those dresses to those girls there might not be a prom. So I had Cesar swing by the church and Mia and I went in. It was 9:30 at night and I still hadn’t been home but here I was with Mia digging through crates of dresses to fulfill a need. To serve others.  Sure it was late and I still had lots to do before bed but these girls only had one chance at prom and I knew I had to help.

Mia helped me dig through all the dresses and we were able to gather a bin full of the correct size. We hauled the bin down to the car and we finally got in the door a little before ten. We were tired and busy but I knew of a need and had a way to meet it. How do you turn your back on that. 

The next morning I met a lady in the parking lot and handed her the  bin of dresses. Although it was inconvenient and took time to got get the dresses it was worth it. I never found out if the girls used any of the dresses or not but it didn’t matter. I was happy to be able to serve them in this way. 

One thing this journey has taught me is that serving Him and truly listening to those tugs at my heart and following him is not always easy. Sometimes you are tired and have other things to do, but if you know of a need and have the means to fulfill it then you just do it. Believe me when I say Cesar was not that happy about sitting in the church parking lot for 20 minutes while I looked at dresses. But he did it without compliant which was a blessing. 

Listening to those tugs at my heart leads me at times to situations or opportunities that are not always convient or easy. It is when we follow Him during those difficult times that we see Him move the most. I am so thankful for the opprotunitt to take the cross and follow him. 

I challenge you to listen to that tug at your heart. Do something inconvenient . Remember that truly serve him we miur w


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