Day 122 – A Mother’s Worst Dream

A mother’s worst dream is their children getting hurt. We worry about our children from the moment they are born. Following them around the house as they grow, baby proofing and trying to protect them from danger. There are few things more painful than a mother seeing one of her kids in pain and injured and unable to do anything about it. 

A couple of weeks ago, some friends of ours son was in a terrible accident. He was airlifted out to a hospital and the extent of his injuries were unknown at that time. I could not imagine what his family was going through, especailly his mother. I felt so helpless. I knew that they would be overwhelmed with calls and texts for information, so I sent a simple text letting them know we were thinking of them and we were here for them. 

I prayed for their son and their family. As very active members of our church and community I knew that they had lots of people praying and helping out. I wanted to do something for the mother, an amazing mom with amazing kids and a huge heart. I knew the days would be long and with little to no sleep so I used my Starbucks app to send her a gift card as my act of kindness for the day. 

I know God answered many prayers that night and in the days that followed. I saw the community come together and pray for this young boy and his family. I saw his older sisters by his bedside. It is a special thing to see the love between a family as close as this one. I am thankful for this family and all they do for others. Praying and a gift card was the least I could do during such a stressful and difficult time. 

I encourage you to lift up a mom in your life. Let them know you care. Check in on them, invite them to dinner, get them a gift. I look forward to having dinner with this friend, I look forward to hearing about her son’s recovery. I can not imagine what it was like having to see her son in so much pain. It really was a Mothers worst dream. But it is during these times we are reminded of His love for us and that even during our worst dreams He will never abandon us.


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