Day 120 – The More of Less

I have been trying to continue to have less to live more. I am not trying to be some crazy minimalist but I am trying to down size our possession to only the things we use. This has been hard for me. I grew up in a family where gifts are a way of showing you care. My dad always did big Christmas and birthdays. But now as I get older I value experiences and time together more than gifts. 

As I have been going through our “stuff” I have realized how truly blessed we are as a family. We may not have a big house or lots of fancy stuff but we have way more than we need. So if it isn’t serving a purpose or been used in the last couple of years we are selling it or giving it away. 

Pumping while working was a new experience with me and this baby. It ended up being stressful and not enjoyable. Although I pumped I also supplemented. I did what was best for me, Luna and our family. Being a working mom isn’t always easy and it is a choice I make but I know God placed me where I am for a purpose, it is my mission field. I am blessed to have the best sitter in the world, where Luna is loved and safe and has lots of friends. 

So when my sitter asked to borrow my pump I could not wait to give it to her. It is top of the line, I had brand new parts and it was not serving its purpose anymore. Just one example of how letting go of stuff we don’t use anymore can be a blessing to others. Having less items to clean, organizing and put in storage. I want to spend more time playing with my kids, hiking, sharing meals and making memories. I don’t want them to look back and think about how clean and organized I kept all our stuff, I want them to remember the things we did not the stuff we have. 

This is a journey , and the breast pump was just one thing, but it reminded me that when things in my home don’t serve its purpose anymore there may be some one else who can use it.

I challenge you to give something away today. Bless someone with something you have and they need. I can’t wait for summer break to continue to give away and sell all our extra things. 


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