Day 119 – A Bag Of Lettuce 

I go to the store at least 3 times a week. We live on fresh fruit and veggies and I always forget something, so I find myself there, often late at night, in a hurry to get home.

A couple of weeks ago I ran in late one night while everyone else was at home getting ready for bed. I went through the store quickly and found the shortest line I could. While I was waiting my turn I noticed that the man in front of me was only holding one item. A bag of lettuce. There were a few people in line ahead of him and I watched as he stood patiently to buy his one item. I wondered why he didn’t go through self check out? He didn’t say a word, just  stood there as the people in front of him unloaded their carts, full to the top. I wondered why the people in front of him didn’t let him go first? Why was he at the store buying a bag of lettuce at 9pm at night? I laughed to myself as I thought he looked like more of a meat and potatoes kind of guy. 

It was finally his turn and as the lady working at the cash register scanned his lettuce I said to them

Just add it to my bill. 

They both just looked at me. 

Add it to my bill. You waited in line long enough for that bag of lettuce, go ahead, I got it. Have a great night.

The man quickly said thank you and was on his way. And nothing more was said about it. 

When I got home I thought about my act of kindness for the day. Buying a bag of lettuce for a stranger. It seemed to have no impact at all. I didn’t get to share anything about my journey, my goal of an act a day.  I didn’t invite them to church or hear anything about their story. But the longer I thought about it the more I realized the lesson in the evening. 

Sometimes we miss opportunities to serve because we are so self absorbed or don’t look past our own situation. We don’t want to be bothered or we are in a rush. We don’t take time to look for chances to be kind, serve or give in all situations , even standing in line at the grocery. We become so consumed with the things of this world that we miss seeing the opportunities God lays before us daily. 

In my quest to live out Romans 12, there are days where I know I have blinders on. Where I miss seeing God move and miss my chance to serve others . Standing in line that night reminded me that sometimes it may be a bag of lettuce and other nights it may be something big. The important thing is that I am glorifying Him in serving , giving and loving others. I may never know why I felt that tug at my heart to buy that bag of lettuce but what I do know is that if I let the things of this world consume me, I will miss the opportunities right in front of me. That bag of lettuce lead me to reread Romans 12. I encourage you to do the same . 


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